The Digital Marketing world is often a confusing one. There are so many options available to business owners to promote their business, attract new customers, increase revenue, and ultimately to achieve a positive ROI for their marketing dollars, and navigating these myriad options can be daunting.

That is where our firm, Deur Digital , can help.  We understand that having an online presence is critical in this day and age for the majority of businesses, but that most smaller business owners have neither the time nor the resources to fully understand, much less implement, all the options available to build their online presence and their customer base.

In the past, things were much simpler.  One would simply take out an ad in the Yellow Pages, one’s local newspaper, perhaps a radio spot or billboard, etc.

Nowadays everyone is searching online and making their purchasing decisions based on what they find there.

The problems for the business owner, however, are many:

  • Your potential customer may or may not even find you online, even if you offer exactly what they’re looking for.
  • If they do find you, the quality of your online presence may not encourage them to actually contact you.
  • Your online reviews, or lack thereof, may discourage them from contacting you.
  • If the search engines can’t understand what your business is about, they’ll penalize you and chances are you’ll never be found online.

Complicating matters further is the fact that all these factors are intertwined.  It’s important to the business owner’s online success that the whole digital footprint is consistent.  Your brand and your success depend on it.

Deur Digital can help you navigate these choppy waters.

We offer result-based solutions centered around your business’ marketing goals. We’ll work with you to determine what your immediate and more long-term objectives are and help design a plan which will help you achieve those goals within the framework of your marketing budget.

Increased Exposure

Increased Visitors and Leads

Increased Customers, Revenue, and Profits

Your potential customers can’t reach you if they don’t know who you are, where you are, or what it is you can do for them. We begin the 3-step process by helping you to build a synergistic relationship between all of your online properties, including your own website and your associated social sites. From there the process begins of increasing your exposure to your potential clients by moving you up the “search engine ladder” so that you can be more easily found.

Once your business’s online exposure begins to improve, the second step is to make it easy for your potential customers to navigate your website, understand what you’re about, exactly how your business can help them, and encourage them to contact you. You’ll be getting more visitors to your website and these visitors will turn into leads for your company.

The third and final step is turning those leads and prospects into customers. Turning leads into customers is obviously different for every profession or industry and beyond the scope of SEO, but by partnering with established, reputable companies with a good product, we can ensure that the process flows as seamlessly as possible.

What Can You Expect From Us As Your Digital Marketing Firm?

Your Return on Investment
We want you to be satisfied. In order to justify the dollars spent on marketing, the return on investment needs to make sense. We’ll partner with you to give you the best ROI possible, depending on the nature of your company and industry. In the end, we continually strive for a win-win-win: Your company, your customers, and finally, our firm.
Dominate the Search Engines
Our approach is a holistic one which not only makes your site more visible to the people searching for your product or service, but also synergistically incorporates social properties and citations with your business to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. By so doing, we put you in the best position to dominate your market, if you so choose.
We'll Work With You Were You Are
We offer services and options designed for your particular needs and goals. Every company is different and we strive to meet you where you are. We offer short-term or longer-term plans, depending on your desires and the nature of your industry. You won't be locked into never-ending contracts. In fact, you can stop our services at any time.

Why Should You Choose to Work With Us?